Tupy is a language designed for teaching programming or just presenting new algorithms. The main goals in developing Tupy (both language and code editor) were:

  • to define a new language (Tupy) that is as compact and expressive as possible, so that with a limited number of keywords it is possible to express general algorithms found in classical textbooks;
  • to be oriented to the Brazilian public, as a language defined with commands in Portuguese, in order to include the portion of the population that is not proficient in other languages (in particular, English);
  • to provide an online/offline code editor to step-by-step debug Tupy code, having data structures appropriately visualized according to the abstraction they represent.

The following video is a short introduction to Tupy:

Intro Video

The Tupy code editor can be used online at


or it can be installed locally for a better overall experience. In order to do that, proceed as follows:


It is a sandboxed application through the help of Docker. Install Docker, download the Linux script "tupy" (tested in Linux Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04) and run it (~$ ./tupy). The first time this script is run, docker and the Tupy server image will be downloaded. The next time, the Tupy server will run locally.


Download the sandboxed server "TuPy_Windows.zip", unzip it locally, run "Tupy.exe" and follow the instructions.